Roof Fans & Attic Ventilation

Roof ventilation is the most vital part of your roofing system. Without proper roof ventilation your new roof can prematurely fail. Poor roof ventilation is one of the top reasons people experience plywood damage, and attic moisture issues. Good roof ventilation will consist of an electric or solar roofing fan, or ridge vent.


We provide roof fan replacement of your existing fan with new efficient units. We also can provide a licensed electrician for the installation of a new fan.

There are also silent eco friendly options as well. GAF Roofing Company has developed the “Green Machine,” a Solar Powered roofing fan. This solar fan runs on zero electricity, and runs as long as the sun is out. It’s silent and the most eco friendly fan option available. There is also a dual mode hybrid version of the solar fan, which runs on solar power and electricity.

For necessary ventilation where a roof fan will not permit, there is what’s called a ridge vent. Ridge vents are installed along the top ridge of your roof. This type of roof ventilation performs extremely well, working twenty four hours per day. Working with the natural flow of air through your attic, it’s silent and very efficient. The ridge vent is a very popular choice amongst homeowners.


We are experts at determining and installing all of your ventilation needs, call or email today for a free in home consultation of your roof ventilation needs.